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Energy Gum

Energy Gum

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NeuroGum's proprietary nootropic caffeine + L theanine blend with brain activating B6 and B12 vitamins has been scientifically shown to boost focus and cognition, all while giving you a fresh breath of energy. On top of that, NeuroGum is free of sugar or aspartame and utilizes natural active ingredients. So whether you're kickstarting your day, going on a date, or solving the answers to the universe, there's always something smart to chew on. 

  • Science-backed Energy
    NeuroGum’s quick release formulation contains the ideal balance of nootropics designed to give you a clean and balanced boost.

  • Patented Cold-Compression
    Our patented cold compressed gum maximizes delivery and bioavailability of active ingredients to give you better energy 5X faster than energy drinks.

  • High-quality Ingredients
    Unlike other energy supplements, we only use high-quality GRAS ingredients to get you in the zone without the sugar crash or energy drink jitters.

  • No Crash + No Jitters
    Increase focus and productivity without ingesting artificial forms of energy or a handful of pills.

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