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Skin Gel & Herbs

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The Skin Gel is Gluten Free and made from fresh Organically Grown Whole Leaf Aloe Vera leaves which are then juiced. Thickened naturally with Xanthan Gum 100% edible. The formula contains 1% skin nutrients of Vitamin E, A and C combined with herbal extracts of Azulene from Chamomile and Allantoin (originally from Comfrey). The value of Skin Gel is unmatched by any other topical Aloe Vera today. See Wound Study on site and book Gift of Nature.The golden yellow color shows the presence of the yellow sap used traditionally for skin support. Safe for putting on any skin condition; burns, stretch marks, damaged and thinning hair, itchy scalp, after shave, and brushing teeth. Popular for kids and adults for face, troubled skin, scalp, hands, feet, hair, body, and even jock itch and vaginal dryness. Great after sports and outdoor activities. The Skin Gel is a natural astringent perfect to apply to clean washed skin to tighten and smooth skin texture. Skin Gel transports oils deeper into the skin for conditioning and moisturizing. Caution: For children or sensitive people conduct a skin test on the under arm before applying to a large area. Follow with a thin application of Aloe Life Face and Body Lotion. Use it daily to discover why Cleopatra named Aloe Vera the beauty herb! Great daily for men, women, and kids too!

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