Alpinola Lozenges
Alpinola Lozenges
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Alpinola Lozenges

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Each Alpinola lozenge is filled with health benefits! 2 lozenges contain a daily dose of vitamin C required to support the immunity, and also menthol that eases and freshens breath, relieves cold symptoms.
  • Lozenges with 20 Healing Herbs
  • With Menthol and Pine Oil
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C and natural remedy for sore throat and cough
  • Honey, For Sore throat
  • 16 Count
  • Made in Switzerland

The original Alpinola recipe is based on Swiss traditions of making candies adding healing herbs that help the locals to enhance their body defenses during the cold season.

Alpine lozenges help to establish health and improve well-being: the comprised essential oils and healing herbs help to relieve cold and flu symptoms, sore throat and cough, and they are good for oral health. The saving technologies used to manufacture lozenges ensure the preservation of all vitamins and valuable substances in each candy and present to the customers all benefits comprised in their composition.

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