Calix Red Wine glass - 0.5 L / 16.9 fl oz
Calix Red Wine glass - 0.5 L / 16.9 fl oz
Calix Red Wine glass - 0.5 L / 16.9 fl oz
Nature's Desgin

Calix Red Wine glass - 0.5 L / 16.9 fl oz

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A beautiful mouth blown wine glass that can structure water creating a revitalized wine in three minutes.

Nature's Design "Calix" wine glass is one of the most unique and energetically active designs of wine glasses on the market today. You will be truly amazed at the effect this glass has on your favorite wines as it structures and revitalizes the water within the wine in three minutes.

This delicate design can be recommended for the best wines as well as everyday wines. Wine is biologically enhanced by the crystalline structure within the liquid shifting the taste of the wine. All the glasses are mouth-blown and are available for both red and white wine the main difference between the glasses being the size rather than the design. Wine connoisseurs recommend this wine glass as a tasting glass as well.

For those whom like the Flower of Life design, the Calix Red Wine glass has a white Flower of Life symbol emblazoned on the bottom of the stem of the glass. Based on color therapy, the color white symbolizes physical body health, vitality and healing.

All these beautiful pieces are incredible to drink from, hold, and admire. And most of all they structure the water of whatever of the whatever beverage you choose to place within them. 

Production - Mouth blown traditional workmanship from Romania and Poland

Material - Lead free quartz glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

Cleaning & Use - The Calix White glasses are dishwasher safe. The Calix Red glasses need to be hand washed with hot soapy water. If you do choose to use a dishwasher with the Calix Red glasses that have a symbol on the bottom, please note that the color of the symbol may fade or disappear completely with successive washings. Do not pour boiling water into the glasses as they may crack.

Picture of the structured water crystal created by the Calix Wine Glasses

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