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Cell Power
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Cell Power

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Cell Power®

Discovered in 1949 in Colorado, Cell Power® utilizes a natural process through which the sun energizes a blend of beets, grapes, and pure vegetable protein. This remarkable quantum physics process requires 7 months to make every batch.

This dietary supplement is a superfood – it allows the body to re-establish its natural balance of healing and wellness. This creates such a powerful effect on the body that Cell Power®easily becomes the most talked about supplement available.

Cell Power® is unique among supplements as it stores vital electrical energy in every drop of liquid, and it transfers it to the water you drink!

The five areas where Cell Power® helps more than any other supplement:

  1. Improves assimilation and absorption of all nutrients and supplements
  2. Balances pH faster than any other supplement on the market
  3. Provides unique immune system support
  4. Supports vital oxygenation at the cellular level
  5. Energizes the body inside and out

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