Cell Stop – 120ct
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Cell Stop – 120ct

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Cell Stop is the world’s premier immune support supplement. Its 17 powerful plant compounds work together to support your immune system’s oversight of healthy cell division.

Nature has blessed us with a bounty of powerful herbs, mushrooms, fruit and vegetable extracts that support the immune system. The ingredients in Cell Stop work deeply at the cellular level to provide support for the multiple, interdependent body systems that impact immune health. At Optimal Health Knowledge, our 20-year study of the clinical research on such plant-based substances has led us to design a comprehensive 17 ingredient formula called Cell Stop, collecting the most powerful of these plant extracts known to science.


– 400mg
  • Promotes a body’s healthy response to inflammation.1
  • Promotes normal cell cycle growth.2
  • Supports healthy cells.3
  • Can promote healthy telomerase expression4
  • Support normal blood vessel growth.5
  • Promotes healthy cell division & normal inflammatory response.6

Green Tea

– 400mg
  • Extensive scientific research.7
  • Health-promoting properties8
  • Supports healthy blood vessel growth9
  • Supports mitochondrial health and healthy gene expression10
  • Supports healthy cell reproduction and supports your immune system11
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response12
  • Supports healthy cell division13

Astragalus Root Extract

– 400mg
  • A rich history of use in Asia dating back to at least the first century 14
  • A traditional use for immune system support15
  • Extract Strength 10:1

Turkey Tail Mushroom 

– 200mg

(Also known as Trametes Versicolor or Coriolus Versicolor)

  • Centuries of use in traditional Japanese Medicine.16
  • Supports a healthy immune system.17
  • One of the most researched mushrooms for immune support.18
  • Standardized extract values

Maitake Mushroom

– 200mg
  • Supports a healthy immune system.19
  • Chinese medicinal used for immune support.20
  • Standardized extract values


Reishi Mushroom

– 200mg
  • Centuries of use in asian cultures.21
  • Supports a healthy immune response.22
  • Standardized Extract Values



– 200mg
  • Bioflavonoid found in Apples/Onions that maintains a healthy immune system.23
  • Promotes cellular health and a healthy immune response.24


Broccoli Extract

– 200mg
  • Contains bioactive compounds of cruciferous vegetables.25
  • Supports healthy liver function.26
  • Standardized 4:1 extract strength


Bitter Melon Extract

– 200mg
  • Supports Pancreatic health.27
  • Promotes healthy DNA function28


Mangosteen Fruit Rind Extract

– 200mg
  • Supports healthy cell division.30


Boswellia Extract

– 100mg
  • Supports a balanced immune system.31
  • Supports immune system oversight of healthy cell division.32
  • Proprietary, and clinically studied 5-Loxin extract is 30% AKBA (the most active version)


Milk Thistle Extract

– 100mg
  • Long valued for its role in supporting healthy liver function.33
  • Flavonolignan component Silymarin helps maintain healthy cell division.34
  • (Contains standardized 80% Silymarin


Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6

– 20mgB
  • Supports healthy white blood cell activity.35
  • Supports healthy immune factors.36


Chamomile Extract

– 20mg
  • Contains plant flavonoid Apigenin, which supports healthy cell division.37
  • Apigenin is supportive of the liver’s detoxification ability.38


Flaxseed Lignan Extract

– 20mg
  • Contains Lignan compounds that convert to enterolactone.
  • Supports healthy cell division.39



– 20mg
  • Pterostilbene (from Blueberries), a bioavailable cousin to Resveratrol, promotes cellular health and supports healthy cell division.40


Selenium-Methyl L-selenocysteine

– 100mcg
  • A naturally occurring Selenium found in plants. 
  • Selenium is a vital nutrient for healthy cell division.41

Vegan/Non-Gmo/Gluten Free

Warning: Do not use if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of the reach of children.

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