HaH Dry Brush Set
Harmonizing at Home (HaH)

HaH Dry Brush Set

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Bamboo handle with (2) brushes (with manually planted bristles - rooted bristles won't shed) to be either hand held or attached to handle. For sensitive skin or those new to dry brushing, dip bristles in warm water to make them a little softer. Avoid sensitive areas/burns/wounds/sores, eczema patches, etc.

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Sustainability features

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  • Dual Brush Heads in One Set: Experience the versatility of POPCHOSE detachable back scrubber. The full bristle brush head provides thorough cleansing, while the brush head with cylindrical gel massage particles offers a soothing massage experience. Get two fantastic items with just one set!
  • Flexible Design Options: POPCHOSE detachable dry brush features card slots on each brush head, allowing you to effortlessly attach them to the non-slip long handle for comfortable and extended reach. Alternatively, you can use the brush heads individually for targeted cleaning or massage.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether you prefer a wet or dry bathing routine, our shower brush has got you covered. Use it with your favorite shower gel or as a dry exfoliation tool to revitalize your skin and enhance blood circulation.
  • Enhanced Friction and Grip: We've incorporated an extended anti-slip rubber strip along the handle, increasing the friction area and providing a secure grip, even in wet conditions. Enjoy a comfortable and slip-free bathing experience.
  • Compact, Natural, and Customer-CENTRIC: The Popchose Detachable Dry Brush Body Brush Is Lightweight and Portable, Making it IDEAL, Travel, Or Gym U Home, Travel, Or Gym u Se. Crafted from 100% Natural Materials, It Ensures a Gentle and Eco-Friendly SkinCare Routine . If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you.

Do you want to get a versatile body brush set?

  • With long handle, as a back scrubber brush to clean the hard-to-get-at places.
  • Remove the handle, use the brush head separately, oval shape in compact size, with extra hand strap, easy to apply pressure.
  • One of the brush head with comfortable rubber massage nodules, brushing and massaging your whole body like a wonderful SPA at home! Please adjust the strength according to your feeling when using this brush head with massage nodes.
  • Great effects:Brushing and massaging your whole body, helping to clean the dirt, cellulite and dead skin cells, unclog pores and release toxins, Improve blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic system, enhance skin elastic and softness.
  • Please note:please pay attention to the direction of massage operation, doctor recommends that brush body following the flow of blood and lymph as the model arrow showing.

Preservation method and friendly reminder

  • Using soap and water clean your body brush once a week.
  • Please make sure the handle is installed securely at the beginning of brushing your hard to reach spots and rinse the brush after complete your every brushing routine.
  • Then please hang up in a dry and ventilated place.

Natural Bristles And Gentle Massaging Nodes

  1. Manual planting neither too soft nor too hard natural and comfortable bristles.
  2. Gentle extra massage nodes are planted among one of brush heads bristles, concentrate on massaging your cellulite and lymphatic system.
  3. Offering comfortable and skin-friendly feeling.