Heartburn Soothe - 42ct
Heartburn Soothe - 42ct

Heartburn Soothe - 42ct

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Occasional heartburn doesn’t take minutes to start, so neither should relief.

Enzymedica’s Heartburn Relief‡ starts working immediately, and lasts for prolonged results, day or night.* But relief is just one part of the solution, so it also protects our digestive system and rebuilds the lining of the GI tract for long-term support.*

This formula is intended for occasional heartburn sufferers who experience heartburn most often from specific foods. It is not intended for frequent heartburn sufferers.


  • Works in seconds, lasts for hours
  • Pleasant vanilla-orange flavor chewable tablet
  • Protects the esophagus from acid*
  • Relief for occasional heartburn*
  • Naturally rebuilds the stomach lining*
  • Day or night results

The Science

Alginate works like a raft, floating on top of the heartburn-causing acid pocket of the stomach, keeping it from bubbling up into the esophagus and relieving irritation naturally.*

How was it created?
This breakthrough alginate was created through a partnership with Enzymedica and SRQ Bio, a division of the Roskamp Institute, who are the scientists that uncovered the genetic cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Heartburn Relief is the result of detailed scientific study to provide safe and immediate long-lasting support.

How does alginate work?
By itself, alginate, a gel-forming compound from brown seaweed, acts as a natural barrier, and when combined with specific buffering agents and a unique botanical extract (calcium carbonate, trimethylglycine and prickly pear cactus), the strength and flexibility of that barrier is improved. This results in a more effective raft, along with reducing the amount of alginate needed and improving the taste. Other products typically have a foamy, chalky, unpleasant taste that isn't present in Heartburn Relief. 

Why is our remedy better?
These natural compounds also do more than relieve symptoms,* they preserve critical stomach acid and rebuild the lining of the GI tract.* Since the acid is merely held back with the alginate raft, and not neutralized, it is still able to digest our food as effectively as ever. In addition, the alginate and herbal extracts soothe the lining of the GI tract, rebuilding our body's natural defenses.* This makes Heartburn Relief a long-term solution for occasional heartburn, not just a typical quick fix.*



    • Vegan
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • GMO Free
  • Soy Free



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