Sovereign Silver Spray - Pets
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Sovereign Silver Spray - Pets

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Silver has been used for centuries to safeguard health and is found in whole grains, water and mammalian milk, all part of our pet’s natural diet. Since 1999, families around the globe have relied on Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (#1-selling silver in the U.S.), for the safest*, purest, and most effective* form of silver ever developed for Immune Support*. Now furry and feathered family members can reap the same benefits with Sovereign Silver For Pets!

  • Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver with >98% positively charged silver ions and nanoclusters. 
  • Packs a 1-2 Punch with >98% bio-active silver ions and nanoclusters
  • SAFE: Peer-reviewed literature demonstrates the safety of silver in animals at 2, 000 times the EPA Reference Dose for humans.1
  • PURE: We maintain the highest purity standards – just pharmaceutical-grade purified water and 99.999% pure silver, manufactured in a GMP Certified facility and packaged in amber glass to even further preserve purity 
  • EFFECTIVE: The best absorption is ensured through a proprietary manufacturing method that produces an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers. 
  • Sovereign Silver tastes like water and is vegan. It is also GMO-, gluten- and allergen-free.
Servings Per Container: 73

Daily Support: Once daily.
Immune-Building: 3 times daily.
Long-Term Immune Support: 5 times daily.
Short-Term Immune Support: 7 times daily.

Weight in lbs
3.5-7 ... 5 sprays
7.5-10.5 ... 10 sprays
11-14.5 ... 15 sprays
15-18.5 ... 20 sprays
19-22.5 ... 25 sprays
23-44 ... 30 sprays

Serving Size: 5 sprays (0.8 mL)

Amount Per Serving
Silver ... 0.001%

Other Ingredients: Pharmaceutical-grade purified water (USP-NF)