Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief

Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief

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  • Relieves occasional dry eyes due to sun, wind, contact lenses, aging, personal electronics, or computer use*
  • Helps replenish and retain proper eye moisture*
  • SB150 sea buckthorn oil is a blend of sea buckthorn pulp and seed oil
  • Features the rare omega-7 fatty acid

Eye Moisture & Comfort*
Not all sea buckthorn products deliver omega-7 fatty acids. That's because omega-7 is found only in the pulp of the berry, not the seed. Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief combines sea buckthorn berry pulp and seed oil for optimal benefits.* The berry pulp delivers omega-7, while the seed oil supplies additional essential fatty acids, including beneficial omega-3, -6, and -9.

Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief provides an unbeatable combination for the benefits you expect!*†

Relieves Occasional Dry Eyes Due To:*

  • Weather
  • Sun
  • Aging
  • Screens
  • Contacts

Need Relief? You've Found It!
Omega-7 Dry Eye Relief has the rare omega-7 you're looking for, plus a range of essential nutrients for healthy eye moisture and comfort.*