Original Almond Butter
Base Culture

Original Almond Butter

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  • OUR CULTURE: At Base Culture, we believe in the primal integrity of each of our delectable creations. Grain free. Gluten Free. Dairy free. Non-GMO, Soy free. and Paleo Certified. We’ve re-imagined our old favorite treats (brownies and almond butter, anyone?) and regular meal staples, in their purest, healthier form, using only ingredients that fuel our body. And, we’ve worked hard to create an eclectic array of options, so your paleo snacks and indulgences can always feel brand new.
  • PALEO ALMOND BUTTER: We know that almonds are almost perfect on their own. We love a perfectly salted almond as a quick snack or blended in our paleo protein shake. That’s why we created almond butter with just one main ingredient. So many almond butters out there were causing that same shock factor when we looked at the nutritional label. Why aren’t almonds good enough on their own? What’s the need for the addition of sugars and oils? Base Culture features four distinct flavors - original, cinnamon, maple, and gingerbread - we boast an almond butter that lives up to its name: the purity of
  • COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS: New to the paleo diet? Let us do our best to explain our almond butter. This is 100% Gluten, Grain, Dairy, GMO, and Soy Free. Natural oils will rise to the top of the jar, please stir every time upon opening. There are no added oils or sugars. There are no wheats or grains, or artificial ingredients in any of our items. Contains no peanuts, all our products are made in our own peanut free facility located in Clearwater, FL. All products are certified Non-GMO and Gluten Free. Lastly, we are a woman owned business certified by WBENC.

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