Prostate Factors™- 60ct

Prostate Factors™- 60ct

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  • Contains essential nutrients for prostate functionª
  • Ideal for all men over forty years of ageª
  • Contains saw Palmetto and Pygeum as well as Opti-Zinc® with the beneficial herb gravel root

Zinc – for healthy reproductive system development and function. 
Vitamin E – an antioxidant that helps to protect fats from oxidation, scavenges free radicals to protect cells from damage. 
Calcium – helps to make better swimmers and neutralize acidity in the vagina so sperm can survive. 
Magnesium – for balancing of calcium and for its proper utilization in the body. 
Gravel Root – helps in the assimilation of calcium. 
Saw palmetto and Pygeum – traditional herbs for males. 


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