Shilajit  - 120ct
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Shilajit - 120ct

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Product Features:

  • Adaptogenic qualities – supports both the mind and body’s ability to handle stress*
  • Supports endocrine function, brain function, detoxification, and immune function*
  • Helps maintain healthy metabolism and promotes energy production in the body*
  • Contains over 70 different highly bioavailable minerals
  • Over 50% fulvic acid – strongest natural electrolyte known and thus powerful support for the health, balance, and longevity of our cells
  • Enhances bioavailability and beneficial effects of other herbs and nutrients with which it is combined
  • Unique water filtration process for ultimate purity

Shilajit is an ancient, rare, resinous substance found in the Himalayan Mountains in northern India, Nepal, and Tibet. Shilajit Supreme™ is gathered from a pristine, high elevation region in India and then filtered and concentrated via a unique, full-spectrum water extraction process into a nutrient-rich powder. “Shilajit” in the ancient Sanskrit language means “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness." Ancient Ayurvedic texts discuss uses for this special compound, and many herbalists consider shilajit to be the most important tonic substance in traditional Ayurveda.

Shilajit Supreme™ contains at least 75 minerals in ionic form, highly beneficial as minerals are the backbone of all metabolic processes, digestive health, and nutrient assimilation. Shilajit Supreme™ is abundant in dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, unique phytochemicals, amino acids, humic acids, antioxidants, and contains naturally high concentrations of fulvic acid (over 50%).

Shilajit Supreme™ is tested for identity, pesticides, microbials, heavy metals, irradiation, GMOs, solvent residues, and fulvic acid content to assure the high level of purity and potency that our customers deserve.

Shilajit Supreme™ is organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. TruGanic™ Purity: Free of pesticides, GMOs, and irradiation; verified by actual testing. Lab tested for botanical identity, heavy metals, and microbiological activity. Available in powder and VeganCaps™. EcoFresh™ packaging delivers superior freshness. Manufactured in U.S. vegan facility free of gluten, peanuts and tree nuts.

“Mother Nature has put miraculous healing plants on this earth for us to benefit from. I am honored and deeply driven to uncover the greatest potential benefits from these elements and to assemble these gifts from Nature into products that help people to heal and to realize their full potential. I am deeply committed to developing the highest quality nutritional products – with a reverence for all life. I wish you great health and happiness always.”

Dr. Jameth Sheridan – Naturopath and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher

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