Shungite Pendant for EMF Protection
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Shungite Pendant for EMF Protection

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100% Authentic Shungite from Zazhoginsky mine in Russia, the Republic of Karelia
  • ·· Length ≈ 4.5 cm/ 1.77 inch
  • ·· Width ≈ 2 cm/ 0,.9 inch
  • ·· Thickness ≈ 0.6 cm/ 0.24 inch
  • ·· Ships from USA
Shungite contains inclusions of both quartz (white) and pyrite (yellow), which you may find on the surface of your shungite piece. Each piece is handmade and may vary slightly in size.

Wearing shungite gives you continuous protection from EMF, geopathic stress and the negative energy we encounter during the day. Shungite pendants are ideal for EMF protection and empath protection. Keeping you balanced in a chaotic world.

Shungite is an ancient healing stone with powerful properties of protection, purification and many healing benefits to our physical bodies and well being. Shungite has the ability to absorb and harmonize negative and hazardous energies including EMFs.

Placing Shungite in your home and on your person everyday will keep you balanced and protected from electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress and assist your health with its ability to induce recovery from many ailments and dis-ease.

Shungite is only found in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. Said to be about 2-billion years old and first discovered in a small village called Shunga. Shungite is composed of mostly pure carbon. It is uniquely the only natural mineral to contain fullerenes.

WHAT IS FULLERENES?? Natural fullerenes has the ability to increase antioxidant production. Fullerenes in Shungite has anti-inflammatory properties, balances cellular metabolism, increases the resistance of the body's cells and enzymatic activity. Natural fullerenes can also neutralize toxins in the body.