Michael Linstead

As a personal trainer, I am constantly asked about supplements that promote general wellness and about natural solutions to various health issues (i.e anxiety, sleep issues, weight loss, etc). Sacred Earth is the one location that I recommend all of my clients to. Whether my clients are athletes or general population, Sacred Earth is where I send them. James is extremely knowledgeable about a whole host of issues concerning the body and mind. He gives great advice concerning most of the general issues that people are experiencing. James is genuinely compassionate and a great listener - he treats you like family and has your best interest in mind - not simply his bottom line.

Emerge An Artisan Juicery

We are proudly partnered with Sacred Earth. They know so much about supplements and the best way to get you naturally on track with the life you want to live! They are perfectly paired with our mission of providing convenient lifestyle tools for a blissful life!

The space is energetically balanced with living design tools, and beautifully curated by owner James Knapp. You will find your self just wanting to come and hang out!


Love Sacred Earth! The staff is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and willing to help. Go visit them if you are looking for natural ways to a more healthy lifestyle. The juices are amazing also.

Weldon Duhe'

Loving the fermented lavender water picked up from Sacred Earth Company today.

The place has a great vibe to it. I appreciated the excellent quality and quantity of different products offered. From supplements to thier own fresh made juices and bars with oils and almost everything in between there is a great selection.
Definitely way beyond the box of your typical vitamin or supplement shop.

The wealth of knowledge and authenticity of the owner James even makes a rookie like myself feel comfortable and confident to step out into new areas to better my health and harmony of my body.
Got to know the ecletic playlist you have playing in there.

Michael Barndt

James, Johnny & Carolyn are awesome....great customer service, knowledgeable & truly desire to help with better health for all!!

Ocean Krystle's

The best of the best for your body. Absolutely the highest quality. Beautiful store. Friendly and knowledgeable people.

Chelsey Santos

Love their cold pressed juices; they also have great customer service and know their products well.