Nurturing Serenity: A Loving Approach to Anxiety

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Anxiety has become an unwelcome companion for so many of us, especially in the last few years and for many reasons. There is a unique equation here that creates the sum total of our relationship and experience with anxiety, often not a simple one and with many variables, seen and unseen. Unfortunately the western medical model overlooks many of these variables, a topic for a different blog on a different day. However let’s take a look at some of these variables:

• Diet
• Exercise
• Sleep
• Hormones
• Parasites
• Unhealthy Lifestyle
• Unresolved Trauma
• Environmental toxins
• Feelings of purposelessness, hopelessness
• Undiagnosed health imbalances
• Over-stimulation from electronics devices

Understanding and overcoming anxiety requires recognizing it as a multi-faceted challenge. And while conventional treatments focus on symptom management, a natural and pragmatic approach delves into the root variable causes. We must explore ‘the what before the why.’ This approach is much like a journey itself, often one that moves as a spiral, retrogrades and all. Perhaps it’s time we hit the reset button. Perhaps we could more often remind ourselves that life is not just worth living, but by design, living well.

A big step in this transformative journey involves recognizing the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit. Anxiety is simply a symptom of an imbalance somewhere along this line. And it is your being, body, mind and or spirit, that is communicating to you something like, “Hey! I am feeling very scared about this!” The what, is fear. But what is the why? This is where the rubber meets the road, how do we discover the why and resolve it? Again, we are mind, body & spirit. Are these three aspects in balance?

Back to our list of variables, which 3 concern you the most? Start there. Are you sleeping poorly? Evaluate your bed-time routine. Do you death spiral too often on social media platforms? Set a timer, limit your scrolling. Are you holding on to a traumatic experience from your youth? Release it. Life is worth living well. And a good story always entails challenges to be overcome.

Self-care is not a popular practice in western cultures, to our detriment. Yet, self-care is a key. And how well do you practice self-care? What if the first step of your journey started here? Let’s take a look:

• Dietary adjustments, herbal supplements
• Walking in nature
• Warm baths
• Cold-plunges
• Saunas
• Seasonal cleanses, detoxes
• Yoga, meditation, breathwork, and yoga
• Prayer, contemplation
• Art, reading, puzzling

Hopefully by now you’re getting a better feel and a deeper sense on why you’re feeling anxious. In essence, how loving are you to yourself? Do you forgive yourself often? Do you remind yourself that you are always good enough? Do you trust that your life is inherently unique and full of purpose?

A return to feeling more peaceful is a return to the recognition that we are part of a divine whole. And each of us plays a crucial part. By aligning our mind, body & spirit into the fabric of our daily life, we invoke a transformative shift away from an anxiety-ridden existence, to a life imbued with deeper meaning, connection and serenity. Perhaps anxiety is not a condition to be treated after all, but instead a call to reconnect with one's body, mind, and spirit.

Are you loving yourself? Are you practicing self-care? Are you pursuing your passions? Let’s say anxiety is optional. What is your next step?


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